Diary No. 2

2 February 2021

These past couple of months have been an absolute blur. I feel so completely burnt out. So much has been going on that I finally had a minute to breathe and do nothing yesterday and it was glorious. I miss what it felt like to not have anything to do for once! So, now that I have time, here is what has been going on around here during the past month!

jan 13 — feb 14, 2021

To start, we finally finished renovating the house. This is an easy sentence to type, but it wasn’t so easy to do! The pictures above are of the new glass blocks being put in the bathroom, and the upstairs hallway being painted by yours truly. We just threw ourselves into renovating this house and it’s been taking up most of our time. Everything is new. It doesn’t even look like the same house!

To do this, every weekend for the past few months we’ve either been painting, working on a project, or making another stop at Home Depot. I always thought that I would want to renovate a house and have a fixer upper, but it’s not as romantic as it seems. Our next house is definitely going to be a turn-key. Picking paint colors and designing is fun, but it isn’t so fun when something is broken that needs to be fixed for you to be comfortable!

Keira turned 1 year old on January 19!! To celebrate, we made the traditional dog-friendly beef stew with steak, carrots, and potatoes, and we had Graeter’s French-Churned Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert. We all had a great time. I couldn’t imagine my life without this little girl in it! She brings so much joy to my life.

Yes, even at times like these, when I look out the back door and see this picture. Unfortunately, mama forgot to bring in the garden hose in the winter. Keira found it buried under the snow and thought it was her new toy. This made me laugh so hard. What a rascal!

I love these dogs to pieces but sometimes they are exhausting and need so much attention. Pease believe me when I tell you how much work labradors are. They’ve been driving us particularly crazy since they haven’t been able to play outside with it being dangerously cold. When they start getting antsy we’ve been dropping them off at this awesome daycare in town which they love. Look at how much fun they’re having!

And then, if we’re lucky, we’ll get a few moments like this which honestly makes it all worth it. Sleepy labradors are the best labradors. And yes, that’s Keira wearing a wool sock!

Finally, we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple with a beautiful homemade dinner. It consistent of David Lebovitz’s steak frites with mustard butter (sans the frites) and scalloped potatoes with blue cheese and roasted garlic. Both of these recipes are from his cookbook My Paris Kitchen, one of our favorites! We also had a side of steamed broccoli. It all paired deliciously with red wine.

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