Using my Chemex Coffeemaker is one of my favorite ways to make coffee. Because the Chemex is made of nonporous, heat resistant glass, it brews a pure and flavorful cup of coffee without imparting of any its own flavors. There is no bitterness, acidity, or any residual sediment.

It is such a beautiful piece to have sitting on my counter, as well! It’s hour-glass shaped and made with a wood collar and leather tie, which acts as an insulated handle. I admire my Chemex Coffeemaker every day I see it, and understandably so — it has been labeled as one of the 100 best designed products of modern times.

I love that I can make my coffee as strong as I want it, and it is versatile enough to make hot or iced coffee since the vessel containing the prepared coffee can easily be stored in the fridge.

how to make chemex coffee

step 1: grind your coffee

Grind your favorite whole bean coffee to a medium-course grind.

step 2: insert the chemex filter

Place your filter in the Chemex. I recommend using a Chemex filter or a metal filter. Other brands of filters are not strong enough and will break mid-pour. If using a Chemex filter, open it so that there is a side of the filter that is three layers thick. The side with three layers should be facing the pouring spout.

step 3: saturate the filter

Saturate your paper filter with a small amount of hot water before adding the coffee. This will also warm the Chemex vessel. Discard the water in the Chemex.

step 4: add your coffee

Once the filter is dampened, place your ground coffee into the filter. Aim for a ratio of one heaping tablespoon of ground coffee for ever 5 ounces of water. You can make it stronger or weaker depending on your taste.

step 5: bloom

Allow your coffee grounds to “bloom.” Coffee blooming means dampening the coffee grounds to release gas that has been trapped in them during the roasting process. Allowing the grounds to bubble and expand will ensure that your grounds will be evenly saturated during the brewing process, and that there will be a full release of the coffee’s aromatics and oils.

To do this, start at the center of the coffee bed, and pour hot water into the grounds, working your way outward in a circular motion. Avoid pouring on the side of the filter. You should use twice the amount of water than you have grounds. Allow them to bloom for 30-60 seconds.

step 6: the first pour

Once your coffee has bloomed, do your first pour. Start in the center and pour water in a circular motion towards the edge. Avoid pouring on the filter. Pouring in a circular motion will ensure that all the grounds are saturated. Pour enough water over the coffee that there is only 1 inch remaining from the top of the filter. Then, stop pouring and wait as the water drips through the filter. Repeat this step three more times for a total of four pours. Ideally, the brew should take around 3.5-4.5 minutes.

step 7: discard the filter

Enough said.

step 8: enjoy

Pour your coffee into a warm mug, and enjoy!

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