Le Bon Macaron, Ann Arbor

17 June 2018

Today we tried Le Bon Macaron in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We have been meaning to try this place for years, but for one reason or another never made it in. Finally, we were able to stop in and try some of their delicious macarons.

A pastry with personality.

the front entrance of le bon macaron
three macarons on a white plate with a yellow napkin

They had so many flavors! I personally am one to go for the standard flavors – chocolate and vanilla are my favorites. However, if you’re one that likes to branch out and try the “sour gummy,” “lemon ginger,” or “mirabelle,” then this place is for you.

They have several different collections — their signature collection, fruit & floral, chocolate, autumn, holiday, and celebration.

We decided on three flavors: the Marie Antoinette Cake Batter, S’mores, and Red Velvet macarons.

Marie Antoinette Cake Batter — I love the name! The blue hue and sprinkles on the cookie make me smile (teal is my favorite color, of course). It’s one of their best sellers. The consistency was good. The flavor was very good. It was very sweet, so prepare your sweet tooth! Marie Antoinette was indulgent, after all.

S’mores — Also one of their best sellers. Good flavor and consistency. The flavor was subtle, but delightful. Just the right amount of filling. This was a good macaron!

Red Velvet — Good consistency, but where’s the flavor?! I kept waiting for some, but alas none arrived. I will have to try and find some again next time. Le sigh…

Overall, I rate Le Bon Macaron as…


I will definitely be back!

Check out Le Bon Macaron here.

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